For over 10 years, Crane Service, Inc. has been renting, selling, and servicing cranes across the Southwest. Our locations in coimbathore each offer reliable rental machines and experienced crane operators. Unlike many crane rental services, which often have limited options to choose from, Crane Service, Inc. maintains a fleet of high quality cranes for a variety of applications.


Ranging from 8.5 to 550 ton lifting power, our cranes are well-maintained and able to complete any job you might need them for. Our line of rental cranes include:

  • All-Terrain Cranes
  • Boom Trucks
  • Carry Decks
  • Crawlers
  • Forklifts
  • Rigging Cranes
  • Hydraulic Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Trucks
  • Rough Terrain Cranes

When you rent one of our cranes, you have the option to utilize a professional operator or to operate the crane yourself. Regardless of your choice, your safety is ensured — all of our cranes are kept up to manufacturer standards and are inspected by third-party professionals regularly, and our operators are certified by both the State of New Mexico and the National Commision for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).


Crane Service, Inc. also sells used cranes and heavy lifting equipment. Whether you’re looking for a trailer, forklift, tractor, hydraulic truck crane, all-terrain crane, or rough terrain crane, we have the machines you need to get your work done efficiently. Our line of cranes available for sale is constantly being updated, and because we hold all of our machines to the same high standard, we’re happy to share maintenance reports, records, and pictures with you as well as schedule a visit for you to personally inspect our products.



At Crane Service, Inc., our goal is to satisfy our clients while also keeping them safe. This goal couldn’t be achieved without maintaining our core values. In addition to making sure that all of our cranes meet inspection requirements and that our operators are highly trained, we also take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Crane Service, Inc. maintains a general liability insurance policy that goes far beyond the industry requirements, and we also offer extra coverage to meet your project’s specific needs.

We also pride ourselves on keeping our crane fleet up to date and reflective of industry innovations. By maintaining current, adaptable crane models, Crane Service, Inc. can help you complete your project efficiently and keep you safe in the process.

To learn more about our values and what Crane Service, Inc. can do for your site or project, call us at +91 98422 13242 for a free consultation.



You have a heavy load that has to get from point A to point B — it’s time to call in a crane. Deciding which crane to use, however, is not such a simple conclusion. Cranes vary from mounted cranes that can travel on roads, to rough terrain cranes for more remote, rugged sites, to crawler cranes that are able to travel while carrying a load, to floating cranes that can lift loads off of boats.

Every individual crane has abilities and features that make choosing the right one for a job easy. A good, certified crane dealer will have a wide option of cranes for you to choose. Some of the most used and accessible cranes are:

  • All-Terrain Cranes
  • Boom Truck Cranes
  • Carry Deck Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Rough-Terrain Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Truck Cranes/
  • Forklifts

Each crane, whether it is mounted on a truck or able to slide using a hydraulic system, has unique advantages and disadvantages. Speak to a professional, like Crane Service, Inc., to determine which crane is best suited to the lifting requirements you need to complete on your job site.


Next, you need to determine how much weight you need your crane to be able to lift. Knowing the weight of your load can quickly narrow down the type of crane you should choose. This calculation will ensure the safety of all those on your work site; obtaining a crane that is powerful enough to lift your load securely is key, and so is having a certified dealer who can best inform you of the various lifting limitations for any crane. Crane Service, Inc. can provide you with the appropriate crane for any load you need to lift.

Heaviest Lifting Weight Per Crane:

  • Boom Truck Crane: 40 Ton
  • Hydraulic Truck Crane: 140 Ton
  • Forklift: 60k
  • Carry Deck Crane: 15 Ton
  • All-Terrain Crane: 550 Ton
  • Rough Terrain Crane: 130 Ton
  • Crawler Crane: 440 Ton
  • Lattice Boom Truck Crane: 200 Ton



Finally, you should consider how frequently you will need to use the crane. This will determine how you should plan to obtain the crane for your site. If you only need to use the crane for a single day or a single lift, narrow your search to cranes that are available for rent. If your company requires a crane for various sites and projects over a longer period of time, look into purchasing a new or used crane and use those options to narrow your search. There are many qualified and reliable crane rental and selling companies located across the country, and Crane Service Inc. has various locations based in the Southwest.

Regardless of whether your answers to these questions indicate that you need a 200 ton crawler, a 40 ton boom truck, or a 10,000 LB forklift, Crane Service, Inc. can provide you with a crane available for rent or purchase that fits your needs. Call (800) 233-2763 for a free consultation to discuss what parameters should define your search for the right crane.